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Living With Faith

To trust God in all seasons of your life; to know bad times are not forever and good times will come; to be confused and lost but know it will work out; to love everyone; to be kind and patient; to be loved even when you mess up; to be forgiven.



God loves you more in a single moment than anyone in the world could in a lifetime. He takes your pain, battles, and fears. He gave his only son for you. God has defended you in wars you had no idea about. He created you in His image, just as He wanted you to be. God loves you despite everything--He will never give you something too early or too late, and He will never take something away that was yours.



To be Christian means to forgive the unforgivable because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you. I am so grateful that after each time God has picked me up and forgiven me, He has never said, "this is the last time." God forgives you, so now you must forgive yourself. God wants you to turn to  Him when you are hurting. He already knows everything you did today--every sin you committed, every tear you wept, every pain you've endured, and he wants you to turn to Him. To be forgiven does not excuse the behavior; rather, it prevents the conduct from destroying your heart.



"Fear Not!" is written 365 times in the Bible. A reminder each day not to fear because God is in your corner, and nothing can touch you with Him there. Pray for the strength to get through today, tomorrow, this month and next year... Pray for the strength to love, forgive, heal, and thrive. Jesus picks up you and your cross whenever you fall. Stop picking up what you have already laid down at God's feet. Give it to God and go to sleep. Pray a million times--keep praying so the devil cannot bask in your silence. Pray for strength, and you shall receive it.

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