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Chase Your Dreams

You can fail at something you do not love, so you might as well do what you love and take the same risk.

Importance of Chasing Your Dreams

  Do what you love in life. If you love it enough, you will devote all your time to being the best at it. If you love it enough, you will find a way to make money from it--to make a living so that all you have to do for the rest of your life is something you love. Choosing a "safe" job for a steady and reliable income strips you and the rest of society of the talent, passion, and love you can contribute to the world. Think about everything you and the rest of society are missing out on because you decided not to follow your passion due to the fear you could not make it happen. 

  When you get to the end of your life and face God on Judgement Day, you do not want him to hold up one image, full of happiness, love, and overwhelming talent, and say, "this is what you could have been," then hold up a second image, the complete opposite, and say, "this is what you were."

  You can fail at that "safe" job just as much as you can fail at your passion. You could be fired, let go, or receive reduced pay due to tough times. If you can fail at something that is not your dream, then that should be the very driving force to pursue what you are passionate about. If there is even a chance of your safe job failing, which there is, then it is not worth throwing away your dream.

  Travel the world, become a doctor, help children in remote areas of the world, have a family, raise a bunch of kids, sell art, run a farm, make movies, become an author, cook, bake, own a business, become a fitness instructor--life only happens once, and it does not wait for you to get it right. Life happens whether you're in it or not. Don't spend your one life on this earth being someone you are not.

Jim Carrey's Speech on Following Your Dreams.

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