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About The Author


Meet Me!

My name is Cassandra Stump, and I grew up on Long Island, New York.  I got the inspiration for my novel, Bucolic, mainly due to growing up in the small town of Southold.  The symbolism in my book is based on the simplistic beauty that the world offers to those who are willing to take a minute and look.


About Bucolic

Bucolic is set in the sleepy town of Fairsage as it follows Libelle Jameson and her hectic group of friends. These teenagers take the reader along with them as they navigate through love, loss, laughter, and adventure, all while learning important lessons along the way. I use writing to capture a single moment, feeling, story, adventure, experience, or conversation to keep forever. I get to manipulate outcomes, create detailed fictional people, and build a world entirely of my own making. Writing Bucolic was a coping mechanism for me to understand that life wasn't always how I wanted it to be; I couldn't live in a perfect world (like Fairsage), so I created that ideal world and exposed its flaws. Life doesn't always have happy endings, so I wrote a book that emphasized that.

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